3 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Website

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You may be chomping at the bit to launch a website for your brand.  Whilst it’s true that this platform would increase the impact you’re trying to make on your market, developing a website needs careful thought.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your online presence, there are a few points to consider before investing in a website.  To help you reach a decision and get your website right first time when you do come to invest, let’s take a look at how you can prepare for your place in the spotlight…

What’s in a name?

You probably have a striking, catchy or meaningful name for your business already, one you’ve given a lot of thought to.  Fun and creative is great where branding is concerned, but it can actually work against some companies when customers search for their website.

Say, for instance, you have a printed clothing company – splishsplashtshirts.com is wordy and difficult to type, which could prove costly to your business.  Relatively short domain names are a sensible choice, so if your company name could confuse, think about how to condense it into something easy and memorable.

The journey is the destination

As websites become increasingly sophisticated, ‘user experience’ is the newest buzz phrase assailing business owners.  A generation has been reared on digital technology so nowadays people demand sites that engage them on an emotional level, responding to their basic, human instincts.

Since it’s no longer acceptable to throw a website together without a second thought, you must plan how the narrative of your brand is communicated best.

Maybe you’ll opt for a single-scroll site (a favourite amongst mobile users), or create seamless navigation between multiple pages.  Either way, think about how you’re going to capture the interest of visitors to your site, and deliver a smooth, logical user experience.

Take one step at a time

Although a website is an important goal for your company to work towards, there’s no harm in playing with other platforms first.  I’ve recently written about the ins and outs of using Etsy, an online marketplace that makes it easy to kick-start your business with minimal investment.

For service providers, social media and blog sites like Tumblr can help you build your online presence before making the leap.  Regular blogging, with links to an Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook account, will help you build a strong foundation on which your business can flourish.  Use this opportunity to gather feedback and insights, to ensure that when your website comes, it’s well received by your customers.

Running a website and, particularly, watching it grow and evolve can be extremely rewarding.  But it’s important not to run before you can walk.  Follow these tips to take baby steps to business success, and you’ll know when the time comes to build your website.

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