5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools Perfect for Marketers

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Knowing how to use Instagram analytics tools for your marketing can provide a great social media strategy and will give you a clear idea on how to schedule your content. Here are five free analytics tools to use on Instagram that will benefit you.

  1. Instagram Insights

If you have set up your Instagram as a business account by linking it to your businesses Facebook page you already gain some free analytics through the app.

Insights provide a basic breakdown of stats that have assessed your Instagram posts to feedback on your marketing efforts. You can find out valuable details for your demographic and online following. For example, what percentage of your followers are male and female, the age range, there location and what time of day people follow you. You can also monitor your posts weekly impressions, whether they have increased or decreased and view how many people have clicked on the website linked to your profile.

  1. Socialbakers

Socialbakers provides a free report on your most popular Instagram photos, filters, hashtags and all your interactions with followers. The most useful sections of the report are the most liked & most commented posts as this can help inform you of what type of posts receive the best traction.

To access your free Socialbakers report head over to https://www.socialbakers.com/ and select to log in with Instagram. Authorise access, fill in personal information, submit and your report will appear as a dashboard on Socialbakers. Now, explore your report and take note.

  1. Simply Measured

Like Socialbakers, Simply Measured also offers a free Instagram report but only for users with up to 25,000 followers. Statistics and insights are presented clearly and helps inform you of the best Instagram posting strategy for you. The report tells you exactly what has worked with your Instagram marketing so you can take this onboard for future posts.

To access your Simply Measured report you must go through quite a few steps but it is worth the time. Type your username into Simply Measured, authorise with your Instagram account for Simply Measured to access data. When you have done this click continue, fill in your personal details and to download the report follow Simply Measured on Twitter. A sneaky marketing technique for them. Finally fill in a little more information about yourself and there you have it! You have access to charts that explain your stats, you can view your most successful posts in comparison to your least successful and you are given a scorecard that provides basic stats about your Instagram.

  1. Union Metrics

Union Metrics offers a free Instagram account check up that assesses how you’re handling the network. Union Metrics helps you determine the best time to post, which hashtags are best to use and what content to post more of. It also shows you your top followers and reminds you to engage with them.

To get started click ‘Start your Checkup’ on the home page and sign up for a Union Metrics account. Next, authorise Union Metrics to access your Instagram. You’re now free to view your report which shows data from the last month. You can view the number of posts by day and you have access to share, print or download the report.

  1. Squarelovin

With Squarelovin you can access free basic Instagram analytics. The report overall is well-designed and easy to understand. Its Optimization section offers great insights that help inform your businesses Instagram posting. Its worst time to post information is also very valuable. First you must sign up to a Squarelovin, activate it via email, and then login. Once you’re logged in, add your Instagram account and examine the report. On the Postings tab you can see your post history, in the Engagement tab you can see information based on likes and comments alongside top liked posts and top commented posts.

Overall, information on analytics is only useful to your business if it is relevant to your marketing and business. Focus on the important stats to refine your Instagram and develop a strategy. This will help you engage a community for your Instagram, bringing great results to your business.

Alice Keegan, Social Media Content Coordinator at Social Media Makes Sense.

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