5 Tips for Building an International Customer Base

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In our modern world, entrepreneurs have a greater opportunity than ever before to set their business sights on global domination.  The rise, development, and increased usage of the internet over the past two decades has transformed the playing field, with even the smallest enterprises capable of conducting international trade.

This is an opportunity that you ought to be utilising.  Never leave golden chances to be taken by somebody else, but rather seize the day and make it count.  If you’re ready to expand your business horizons, here are a few simple steps to help you do it…

1. Use a talented translator

Luckily for you, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, so if you have a website, there is always the chance of linguistically talented customers finding it and buying from you.  But this leaves a massive audience of potential consumers untapped, and in order to appeal to them, you need to speak their language – literally.  It really does pay to have a skilled linguist come and translate your web page content, and if you get in touch with the right people, they should be able to set your site up so that various language options can be selected.  However, one word of warning: choose your professionals with care or else risk unsightly errors that may mar your image.

2. Make your website easy to understand

On this same note, understanding is key, and this relates to more than just the written word.  Not only should your site be easy to navigate, with delivery options and the checkout process translated alongside product descriptions, but it should also incorporate a currency converter.  Few people will buy you from you without knowing how much the relative worth of an item is, and fewer still will go to the effort of doing these calculations themselves.  Include a simple site feature that allows overseas customers to do the sums automatically and they’re much more likely to buy from you.

3. Offer international delivery options

Of course, there can be no overseas custom without the option for consumers to have their goods delivered abroad, and this means finding a suitable courier who can ship items across the globe at competitive rates.  It’s really important to shop around and find the right professionals to work with, because if you don’t, tardy deliveries and overpriced shipping are going to deter any potential international buyers quicker than you can imagine.

4. Utilise online selling sites

Once you have your website set up to accommodate international buyers, you need to find some way of connecting with them, and online selling sites are a great place to start.  Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and their ilk are perhaps the best places to begin for those with physical goods for sale, whereas niche sites offering specialist services are ideal for other industries. As long as they provide the opportunity for buyers to look at options from across the globe, your offerings should soon be seen by overseas eyes, and your products can speak for themselves.

5. Use social media to market your products

Social media is equally useful in its ability to garner overseas audiences.  All that you have to do is type a search term into Instagram to see just how much of the world is online.  Hashtag on Instagram, promote your products through Facebook, connect and engagement with people on Twitter and you will have the opportunity to achieve more than you ever imagined.  Before you know it clients from America, China, Australia, Russia, and every corner of the earth will see what you’re offering and judge the products on their own merits.

For further support on building an international customer base or any other area of your business contact us to discuss how Delphinium Business Coaching can help you.

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