5 Tips For Successfully Selling On Etsy

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So many women have oodles of talent who weren’t able to reach an audience before the internet rose to prominence.  Now, a plethora of marketing and selling platforms are available to budding entrepreneurs, none perhaps more consistently advantageous than Etsy, the online retail site that makes it easy to start selling your products to the world.

Since Etsy can really boost your sales figures, we thought it’s high time someone gave advice to women in this marketplace.  Let’s explore how to stand out from the pack and deliver on customer expectations when selling on Etsy.

1. SEO is the order of the day

Etsy allows you to tag your products with specific search terms to help customers find what they’re looking for.  This, in turn, can boost your visibility on Google, with a long-term impact on traffic if you get your tags right.  If interest isn’t picking up, it might be time to change the key phrases you associate with your products.

2. It pays to be social

Social media should be the spearhead of your marketing strategy, allowing you to generate interest in your brand and drive visitors to your page.  Sites like Instagram and Pinterest can do wonders for creative businesses, so get visual with your social media campaigns.  Showcasing images of your work or creating ‘making-of’ videos, for example, are guaranteed to engage your audience.

 3. Use every angle

If you’ve made a gorgeous jacket from scratch, why gloss over the details?  You want to show off your collection in the best light possible.  Take photos from the side, behind, close-up, and even some details like a pocket or lapel cut.  When shopping online, customers crave information, so don’t deny them the full picture.

 4. The price is right

The lure of selling homemade and vintage products to a limitless audience may tempt you to rush into the selling process, but it’s vital to have a clear view of packaging, manufacturing, and shipping costs.  Like any venture, scoping out the competition is your first port of call, along with ensuring the numbers of your advertised prices add up to a viable business venture.

5. Be yourself

Branding = personality, and Etsy is full of personality.  The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to project your own style and voice.  Whether this is beautiful backgrounds for your product photos or quirky promotional copy, it’s easy to customise your page with your own unique qualities.

As a sales platform, Etsy takes some beating.  It’s grown from a small team to global sales of $2.39 billion in 2015, less than ten years after its inception.  This alone should inspire you to take the first steps to your own success in business, so follow these tips to make the most of this platform, and you’ll soon start reaping the rewards.

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