5 Ways to Build Your Email List Using Facebook

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When it comes to social media, Facebook is king. It’s the powerhouse of social sharing, content marketing, and promoting your business online.  Facebook is the gorilla of online marketing, and when it comes to list building, it’s a phenomenally powerful beast.  Here are five awesome ways to build your email list using Facebook.

1. Add an opt-in tab

The most crucial element of list building on Facebook is adding an opt-in tab to your Facebook page.  This is super easy to do and takes around fifteen minutes to set up.  You can add more than one tab and rearrange them so they’re ordered to your liking, but the key is to have one that links directly to an opt-in on your website, enabling visitors to sign up to your newsletter.

2. Set up an opt-in freebie and squeeze page

It’s not enough to tell people to sign up to your list.  Be sure to add a freebie – an eBook, guide, cheat sheet, or voucher, something to act as a lead magnate, a little honey to tempt people to click the opt-in tab on your Facebook page.  The inclusion of a freebie is pivotal here – you will not get people signing up to your newsletter for nothing.  If, on the other hand, you offer them something relevant, that they want right now, they will happily hand over their email in exchange.

Make sure you create an appealing landing page on your website, so that people clicking your tab are more likely to put in their details and sign up.  Simple but professional squeeze pages are usually the best way to go here. Make it as easy as possible for people to sign up, no fluff, nothing complicated, just a simple form for their name and email – you don’t even have to include a field for their name if you don’t want.

Include a clear, prominent call to action in the About descriptions on your page directing people to sign up using your tab.  You have a long and short description on Facebook, put a call to action in both!  You can’t add a hyperlink, but you can add a URL (use Bit.ly to shorten it and keep it really nice and neat!).

3. Optimise the cover image on your Facebook page

This is a trick a lot of people miss, but it’s so simple.  The cover image on your page is very visible.  Include a URL on the image directing people to the opt-in freebie you set up for your tab.  You can include the text URL on the image itself, and then add a hyperlink to the description of the image so people clicking on it have an active link to follow.  You can also do this with your profile picture.  Be sure to do it for each cover and profile image you add, whenever you add a new one. They will remain active long after you’ve stopped using the photos as your cover and profile images, as the images will stay in your photo albums and will still get seen.

4. Use updates to drive signups

Post regular updates promoting your opt-in freebies, with a strong call to action and a link to your squeeze page.  Don’t do it every day – you will overload people and they will lose interest, or worse – stop following you.  Instead, post updates a few times a month, really playing up the benefits of your freebie and emphasising that there are no strings, and no catch – it’s totally free.

Prior to sending your newsletter each week, make an announcement on your Facebook page teasing its content, with a juicy prompt to encourage people to sign up so they don’t miss out.  This works best if your newsletter has exclusive content unavailable elsewhere.

Even if people don’t sign up from these posts, you are prompting those who are already on your list.  Your newsletter will be front of mind, and they will be more likely to open it when it lands in their inbox – win win!

5. Run events

A really easy way to drum up some signups to your newsletter is to run a giveaway or prize draw.  Be careful as Facebook has rules about what you can and can’t do, but generally speaking, as long as you use an approved app, like Rafflecopter, you’re safe.  Rafflecopter will collect all the email addresses for you, and give you loads of options for showing prizes and choosing winners.  At the end of the giveaway you can add all those lovely emails to your list!

For more advice about building your email list, whether through Facebook or otherwise, contact Delphinium Business Coaching today.

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