Many entrepreneurs and business owners have an independent streak and like to do things their own way. That’s not always a bad thing and often it can be what helps them and their businesses to succeed, but going it alone isn’t always the greatest choice.

At a certain point, seeking the support of a business coach helps to ensure that a business is performing to its highest possible level.  As well as being a business coach, I work with a business coach of my own and see the benefits of doing so every day. Below are some examples of how a business can benefit from effective coaching.

1.   Setting Goals

I cannot stress the importance of setting goals in your business. You may already have a list of goals that you would like to achieve. But will you accomplish them? How will you be able to get there and how long will it take? A business coach will work with you to help you draw up a list of effective goals for you and your business. They will encourage you to reach higher and set more challenging goals. In some cases they will provide a “reality check” if you are setting yourself unrealistic goals, setting yourself up to fail before you have even started. They will also help you to put action plans in place to achieve the desired result within the time frame required.

2.   Motivation and Inspiration

As a business owner, it’s possible to get in your own way quite often. One of the most advantageous things a business coach can do is to provide a fresh perspective and get you out of your own set way of thinking. An outside push from a coach can often be what you need to keep you motivated and moving forward, even if that outside push is just your coach agreeing with what you had been planning but were hesitating to follow through on.

3.   Challenging You to Try New Things

People enjoy sitting in their little comfort zone where they safe and nothing comes as a surprise to them. However, the comfort zone can also be the danger zone as one of the greatest obstacles you will have to overcome to be successful is complacency! If you speak to any successful person they will be able to give you multiple examples of putting themselves in their stretch zone and doing something that made them feel uncomfortable. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something that is necessary if you want your business to succeed. This is where having a business coach is helpful. They can motivate you to take that step forwards but also be there to support you as you do.

4.   Increasing Income

After finding a way to move past, often self-imposed mental hurdles (aka mind monkeys or self-limiting beliefs), a business coach can help you to unleash creativity and start brainstorming. A coach can help you gain the confidence to charge what you’re worth, make reasonable price increases where appropriate, or even start a new line of products/services. A business coach is someone who you can discuss your ideas with, who will provide you with a wholly objective viewpoint, help you to think outside the box and ask you those all important questions to ensure that you are fully exploring and evaluating those ideas, prior to implementation.

5. Encouragement and Support

The things you can accomplish with the right people in your corner are amazing! Having a support system can make all the difference and, especially if you’re a sole proprietor, a business coach can be a large part of that support system. A business coach will help you to stand back and gain perspective when things get overwhelming or those self-limiting beliefs raise their ugly head. They will also be one of the first people to congratulate you on a job well done!

6.   Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Most of us like to think that we know ourselves pretty well and are familiar with our own likes and dislikes. However, when it comes to bringing out deep desires or hidden talents and skills, we often surprise ourselves. This is where a business coach can do a lot of helpful identification because they have an outside perspective and are not afraid to tell you the reality of how things are. Plus, a coach can help identify patterns and trends that you, as a business owner, may not have noticed or picked up on.

7.   Gaining Confidence as a Business Owner

Until someone has pushed you out from your comfort zone, you’ll only know what you have already done, not what amazing things you can potentially do. Through working with a coach, you can build a lot more confidence in your ideas, your processes, and in your approach to business.  Convincing yourself of your abilities to accomplish your business goals can be hard, and that’s where your coach is key. They can help you build the confidence you need to take on bigger goals while supporting you and not letting you forget your smaller goals at the same time.

Still unsure as to whether a business coach could be of benefit to you? See what Eric Schmidt has to say about the benefits of coaching

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