7 Steps To Creating Fabulous Newsletters

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It’s easy to distinguish the good newsletters from the bad and the ugly, but much harder to fine-tune your own script for success when you come to sit down and formulate an email marketing campaign.  Creating fabulous newsletters that strike a chord with your audience takes time and thought, which is why I’ve broken down the process into 7 simple steps:

 1. Find a niche

Consumers are bombarded with newsletters on a daily basis, so it’s essential to find a niche that will make yours worthy of subscribers’ attention.  This is where market research and competitor analysis can be invaluable, giving you an insight into what competitors are doing well, and where there are gaps in the market for you to fill.

2. Create a concept

Armed with competitor insights, take some time to hone your vision for the newsletters.  Think about how they will slot in with your branding – would an editorial-style piece, written in the first person, be suitable?  Or would a third person round up of industry developments be more appropriate?

Develop a concept for your newsletters, perhaps wire-framing on paper to help you visualise the look and feel, and you’ll soon discover what works for you.

3. Choose a platform

Your email marketing campaign shouldn’t be limited by software, which makes it essential to choose a solution that’s flexible and easy to use.  From free software perfect for start-ups to marketing automation platforms, there are plenty of options out there awaiting your scrutiny.

Some allow you to create a template within the software, whereas others will simply import one.  It’s wise to select a platform before you invest in design, to ensure that you aren’t restricted when sending out your newsletters.

4. Build a template

With a platform in place, you can design a template that brings your concept to life.  Bear in mind that less is more with email marketing; make the layout as simple and visually elegant as possible, so that it can be enjoyed on any device.

5. Send your campaign

Once you have a template, it should be easy to update your newsletter with content, links and the latest news.  Always ensure that your message is clear and concise, with links to relevant pages and strong calls to action to maximise the impact of your email marketing campaign.

6. Listen to feedback

The best newsletters are tailored to the interests of the reader, which is why it’s vital to listen to feedback when developing your email marketing.  It’s unlikely that you’ll strike the winning formula first time; by looking at opens, click-through rates, and listening to any feedback, you can understand what makes your subscribers tick.

7. Fine-tune your newsletter

Listening to your audience allows you to tweak your email marketing strategy, to focus on what works and rethink what doesn’t.  This could mean punchier subject lines, more or less content, and playing around with the design.

Although consistency is beneficial, newsletters shouldn’t be static.  So don’t be afraid to fine-tune your design, content and format to form a blueprint for success, especially in the early stages.

Fabulous newsletters don’t appear overnight, and it takes time to tweak your email marketing strategy if you’re serious about impressing subscribers.  Follow these steps to make an impact with your newsletters, to connect with your audience at work, at home and on the go with email marketing.

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Gemma Rolstone

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