9 Tactics To Increase Social Media Engagement

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It’s no secret that social media is one of the best ways to organically find and keep new customers. Sometimes though, as a busy entrepreneur, it can be challenging to stay fresh on all those different social platforms. Here are 9 quick tactics to increase engagement.

1. Branding

Add your social media profile, URLs and links anywhere you’ve put your branding. Make it easy for people to find and follow you. Think menus, webpages, receipts – anywhere you’d think to put your logo.

2. Deliver consistently great customer service

Be ready to delight online, the way you would face to face. Lots of small businesses have received praise by customers for their strong service and attention to detail through social media. Leaving behind the age of phone calls and forms, instead deliver instantly through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s sure to win you plenty of love from those seeking fast, friendly answers or sales.

3. Be creative

Think events, polls, quizzes, competitions, guest blogging. Stand out in your market by offering fun and distinctive ways for clients to interact with you. Social media is ‘social’ for a reason. As well as the ‘shareability’ of events like these, your extra bonus is your contest winner won’t resist sharing their good luck with others. It’s a perfect referral tool.

4. Use smart data

Analyse and be where your customers are. How much do you know about your customers? Are they traditional forum users, or image-led Instagrammers? Better suited to Tumblr, Snapchat or Reddit? By understanding where your customers are most likely to be, you can engage and excite in their environment of choice. Match your social efforts to the right platform effortlessly, by using data you collect from analytics tools or customer surveys.

5. Meet their needs

Always create social media content to meet customer needs. Telling readers something meaningless to them, or worse, making it all about you, will cause clients to lose interest – fast! Think about what they need and share how you provide their solution.

6. Tie into trends and seasons

It’s a classic move, but still a highly effective strategy. Link your services or product to the news or seasonality of the day and find yourself instantly attracting interest. Best of all, you can plan annual events out months ahead. Think product tie-in for the Olympics, for example, a promise of discounts for every gold medal won by your national champion. A simple tie-in to something wide-reaching works wonders in creating excitement.

7. Planning

As a business owner juggling many priorities, this one may feel like a luxury rather than a quick win. But trust me, the time you spend planning your social engagement will be time well spent and effort regained. In the same way you’ve carefully planned your other business strategy, take the time to plan and pre-write social media posts for optimum success. Add these to a free automated social media scheduler and the first part is done! Hootsuite and Buffer are both great free scheduling tools. You may recall that Hootsuite was one of the platform we discussed in our blog – 5 Free Platforms To Help Your Start Up Succeed.

8. Personal storytelling and behind the scenes posting

There’s nothing better than a sneak peek behind the scenes of a business you love. Within your social media engagement, remember the power of exclusivity or ‘first to know’ for followers. Include photos and videos of the fascinating things you do to make for personal, genuine and authentic reading.

9. Support others in your field and ask for support!

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely game, so use social media platforms to instantly link up and support others in the same situation. Share your reading, expertise or articles of interest to attract like-minded business owners and supporters. It’s also a great way to connect with experts who can guide and support your business journey.

I hope you feel inspired and ready to tackle social media engagement. If you need an extra source of business support, contact me, and I’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Gemma x

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