First Time Manager Training

Invest in first time manager training so you can excel

Do you have big dreams of becoming a manager? You may already be responsible for supervising people but would like to be promoted into a formal management role? Perhaps you’re currently in a managerial position, but you have no formal training? If you want to reach your maximum potential and be a strong, positive leader, our training courses can help you take your career to the next level.

At Delphinium, we offer ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management qualifications to those that want to move up and become successful managers.

Managers, when studying our ILM Level 3 courses, will:

  • Increase their prospects of promotion
  • Gain a range of key management skills
  • Be able to put their new skills into practice immediately
  • Build leadership capabilities
  • Develop leadership skills using their knowledge, values and motivations
  • Motivate and engage their team and manage relationships confidently.

Employers, when investing in ILM courses and qualifications for your existing or potential managers, your business will benefit from:

  • Stronger working relationships
  • Improved communication within your teams
  • Highly interactive workshops increasing the likelihood of delegates applying what they have learnt
  • Effective and confident first-line managers.

All of our ILM courses can also be tailored to your organisation’s learning and development needs

The ILM Level 3 in Leadership and Management course requires approximately forty hours of guided learning, and the qualification can typically be completed within 6 months.

If you feel this course is right for you or a member of your team, get in touch to discuss moving forward.

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