It is almost impossible to be in business and not take some chances. However, you should always calculate the risks and have a clear end goal in mind before taking a particular chance. Sometimes what is seen as taking a risk can simply be stepping out of your comfort zone.

Even talking to another business professional like a coach can feel daunting but it is far more about facing your fears and it is almost always worth it. When investing money into a training or coaching program it can feel like you are taking a chance, but the key word here is investment and you should always feel comfortable with investing in yourself. The return on your investment in doing so knows no bounds. Here are a few more benefits of taking chances.

Thriving in an ever changing market

The market is constantly changing and this can lead to you being left behind if you don’t keep up and adapt where necessary. Carefully considering your opportunities and taking chances on ideas that your competitors would not can result in you becoming the thought leader in your industry. Today, more business owners are being forced to make those kind of decisions to stay ahead of the competition, but backed by the right business coach they are achieving great successes.

Not regretting the things that you never tried

As Mark Twain put it “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones that you did do.” Do you really want to look back in twenty years with regret at the chances you didn’t take? Even if things don’t work out the way you anticipated at least you’ll know that you gave it a go.

Learning and discovery

We all learn and grow constantly, and this is the same in business and in your personal life. Taking a chance allows us to learn and absorb life lessons. We become stronger and more efficient at what we do by taking chances or risks. Even what could be deemed as a poor decision later adds to our strength as we become better equipped to deal with similar choices in the future.

Emerge as a leader

Leaders have to make some very difficult decisions and take chances. Again, any chances they take will be calculated risk but whether you are willing to put your neck on the line can be the difference as to whether you will emerge as a leader or remain as just part of the pack.

Being your own boss

Not that long ago, you could start a job and stay with that employer for the next 25 years or more. However, times have changed. Companies regularly go through redundancies and it is no longer the norm to reward loyalty with good pay increases, training, benefits packages and great pensions. This has resulted in more and more people taking the chance to start their own business. There are even those companies that have started during recessions. Not only has taking the chance paid off for a lot of these companies, it has also resulted in them learning a lot of hard lessons in a short period, which has out them a head of a lot of companies that started when times were easier. I am yet to meet a person who has started their own business and regretted it. Even though people that have had their difficult and trying times have all told me that if they had their time over again, they would still have set out on their own journey.

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Gemma Rolstone

Gemma Rolstone

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