Building your own personal brand is so important, whether you're running your own company or just starting out.

A strong brand can help position you in the minds of your customers and encompasses the way people recognise and feel about your business.  But just what is a personal brand?  And how do you go about building your own personal brand?

What is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is the way people perceive you and in turn, the company you own or are setting up.  It is people’s perception of you as an individual, the customer service you provide, the tone of voice you use, your reputation and visually how you promote yourself – for example, the way you dress.  When you are a business owner this also impacts how and where you advertise and promote your business, the tone of voice you use to do so, the company’s reputation and visual representations of your business, including your logo.

If you are a sole trader or a small business owner, it is important to remember just how much your personal brand can impact the success of your company.  Even when you own a larger business, as the leader of the company your personal brand must represent you in the most positive light.

Be true to you

Firstly you need to delve into your core values and understand who you are at your most authentic.  Consider what is most important to you in life – maybe it’s spending time with your family or travelling the world.  Think about times you have enjoyed work and found it fulfilling.  Were you working as a part of a team?  Were you working out of the office?  What elements of that job or role did you enjoy most?  Think of the times you have felt most proud of yourself: what do you consider your greatest successes to be?  Once you are clear about which values are most important to you, you will have taken the first step in clarifying your personal brand.  People buy from people, so when you’re clear about the things that are most important to you, you will be attracting like-minded people and businesses which will help your company flourish and grow.

Get out there

Speak or network at events and send press releases to the media – it’s so important you put yourself directly in front of potential customers.  You are the best representation of your brand, so turning up and presenting yourself in line with your core values is a key way in which you will grow awareness of your business and the brand you represent.

Be consistent

One of the most important criteria in growing and developing a strong brand is to remain consistent.  The more consistent you are, the quicker existing and new customers will recognise your brand, which will help to increase both awareness and trust.  There are so many ways you can promote your brand across both online and offline channels.  To help you decide which channels will work best for you, consider where your target customers are and which platforms will help you to best engage with them.  It’s so important that in all your communications, the tone of voice you use and the imagery you use to depict your brand remain consistent.  People will associate your brand with exactly what you tell them, so make sure it is true to what you wish to represent and the type of business you want to grow.

When growing your personal brand, it’s also important to be honest.  The quicker people recognise your brand and feel they can relate to it, the quicker you will begin to build trust – which is a critical factor in all successful relationships.

If you are struggling to develop and build your own personal brand contact Delphinium Business Coaching to discuss how we can help you.

Gemma Rolstone

Gemma Rolstone

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