Recruitment is proving to be an ongoing challenge and is said to be the single biggest barrier to growth across all industries. A survey from Forde HR Cloud showed that of the 100 management professionals surveyed, 69% said they found it difficult to recruit new staff.

1. Lack of required skills or experience

A huge 50% of the small businesses surveyed said that their biggest challenge was finding staff with the right level of skills or experience. There are a number of reasons why you are not attracting people with the skills or experience you want. Some of the most common are:

  • Unclear advertisement: Being crystal clear on your ideal candidate is very much like defining your customer persona. If you know who you are looking for, you can write the advert that speaks specifically to your ideal candidate.
  • Advertising in the wrong place: By identifying the ideal candidate you can identify where they spend their time and advertise where they are most likely to see it.
  • Unreasonable expectations: Do you need a candidate with all the skills and experience listed? What about transferable skills a candidate may have? What training could you provide to develop new starters to the level required?

2. Lack of applicants

27% of the small businesses surveyed said that the lack of applicants was an issue. A lack of applicants is not necessarily a bad thing if the candidates you are attracting are your ideal candidates. To increase the number of application and also the quality of candidates:

  • Advertising: Again, where are you advertising the available roles and is this the most appropriate place for the role you are offing?
  • Employer branding: What is your employer brand and how can you improve it? The survey found that companies with a well-known brand found they benefited from their business reputation when recruiting.
  • Communication: How are you communicating your employee value proposition, your company values and culture? Are you making the most of your social media platforms and your website to showcase you as an employer?

3. Salary expectations

Almost a 1/5 of the small business surveyed (19% to be specific) said that salary expectations were an issue. Again, there could be a number of reasons for this:

  • Average salary: Look at what the average salary is for the relevant role and how your offering compares to this. Are you being realistic?
  • Benefits: Very few people are motivated by money alone. What other benefits are you able to offer and how are you communicating these. If you don’t have the budget to be able to offer incentives such gym membership and life insurance, what about benefits such as flexible working?
  • Development opportunities: 25% of the small businesses surveyed reported that placing emphasis on learning and development led to successful recruitment. Not only can training, coaching and mentoring opportunities attract quality candidates, develop your staff increases their value to your business.

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Gemma Rolstone

Gemma Rolstone

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