How St. Valentine can help you market your business

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There are a number of key dates in the annual calendar that can help you to promote your business and Valentine’s Day is no different.  Your business doesn’t have to sell love-related products in order to benefit from Valentine’s Day.  It’s perfectly possible to work the love theme into just about anything.  If you do want to take advantage of Cupid this February, here a few things for you to think about.

Plan ahead

When it comes to marketing, forward planning is your most powerful weapon.  You need to ensure you have enough time for researching, creating and executing all your awesome marketing campaigns.  You also need to find ways to ensure your marketing truly resonates with your clients, and holidays are a great way to do this.

There are certain key things you should do to plan your marketing around a big event such as Valentine’s Day.  The sooner you prepare, the more smoothly everything will go, but at the latest, you should start your preparations on February 1st.  It will take you time to plan, create, and schedule everything, and you want to make sure you start promoting your offers, competitions, and special hashtags at least a full week in advance!

Engage with your clients on social media

The name of the game here is getting people to comment and reply to your posts over and above simply liking and sharing them.  Comments will naturally drive organic reach, but they are far more valuable than someone mindlessly clicking the like button or hitting retweet.  Ask questions, get people to share their Valentine’s Day stories, share your own stories, both the cutesy lovey-dovey ones and the horror stories and years when you celebrated alone.

Create simple and eye-catching love-themed images using an easy tool like Posts accompanied by images do a lot better than those that are text alone.

Competitions and giveaways

Something else you can do on social media is to tie your posts to competitions and giveaways to further incentivise people to comment.  Use relevant hashtags to grab people’s attention, and if you can, create your own special hashtag to use.  For example, O2 ran a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #O2tweetheart, in order to give people the opportunity to win a free weekend away.  Another good example of a Valentine’s Day competition is Gu, who gave away a year’s supply of Gu puddings using the #ilovegu hashtag.

Special offers

Create a unique and interesting Valentines-themed offer that you can promote via your newsletter, your social media and any other marketing channels you use.  These offers work best when running for a day or two leading up to an event, so you need to get everything planned, prepped and scheduled well in advance.  You don’t want to spend the day trying to organise posts; instead, you want to spend your time replying to all the comments being made on those posts, and really getting as much engagement as possible.

As an example, Pizza Hut ran a quirky ‘Tie the Knot’ dinner package for those looking to propose to their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day in a really unique way.  This is a great idea as it not only promotes the restaurant and the theme but really gives clients something of value that isn’t available all the time.

Segment your audience

If you have a nice healthy email list (and you should!) you can split that list into segments based on specific criteria, and target those segments of your list differently.  For example, age and gender will determine the type of promotions you send out.  If you have information on people’s relationship status this can also prove really helpful.  You might send one set of promotions to those who are coupled up and a different set to those spending Valentine’s Day alone, or looking for that special someone to share it with.  This kind of marketing is easily augmented with targeted advertising.  Facebook Ads Manager is very easily configured to identify people based on specific demographics, including their relationship status!

Use these ideas to jump-start your marketing efforts and get organised.  If you are struggling for ideas and how to implement them then coaching can help you.  Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation now.

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