Start 2017 Strong Part II

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There is always so much to do at the start of the year and to help ensure that you have your best year yet we have two blogs on how to start 2017 strong.  If you haven’t already read Part I, you can do so by clicking here.  Here are another eight tips to ensure 2017 goes with a bang!

Have a clear plan, and be specific

You may be clear about the things you want to achieve in 2017, but it’s important to write everything down, be specific and go into as much detail as possible.  Whether you’re a working solo, or collaborating with a team, a focused strategy session will help to articulate goals and map out a plan of action.  Remember, the plan you come up with shouldn’t be so rigid that you can’t adapt to a change in circumstances, so build in some contingencies as well. Also schedule in time to review your goals and your performance against them regularly.

Set the mood for the day

Start with a routine that will start your day in a positive way.  This may involve meditating, going for a run or to the gym.  Some people like to get an early start so they have some time to themselves before anyone needs them.  Make sure you eat breakfast.  It is one of the easiest meals to miss but you don’t want the lack of energy slowing you down later in the day or have to stop what you’re doing mid task to eat so that people in the office no longer have to listen to your rumbling stomach.

Broaden your network

While building good relationships through networking is important, you don’t have to just stick to business lunches or conferences.  Think about offering your skills for free outside of the usual world of work.  Working with a charitable organisation or community group is a good way to showcase your talents and potentially broaden your network of contacts at the same time.

Set time aside to read

In the digital age there’s an abundance of information at our fingertips 24/7, but how often do you take the time to sit and reflect on something you’ve read?  By building in some defined reading/reflection time to your week, you’ll be amazed at how many books you can get through in a year.  Remember to read widely, rather than only about your specific sphere of interest.  Learning about a different subject can inspire you in surprising ways!

Work your social network profile

You may already be sharing lots of news about yourself on social media, but resolve to post some more career-related material in 2017 as this can definitely boost your professional profile.  If you read an interesting article or book (from your set-aside reading time), state what insights you gained and share a link.  If you’ve published a blog, or written an article, be sure to put up a link to your work.

Become more efficient

Look too at technology that can make your working day easier – whether that’s cloud computing, automated accountancy systems or productivity apps. Also look at what else you can delegate or outsource. Why waste time doing something you dislike when you can increase profitability by concentrating on what you are good at and what you love.

Be patient

Sometimes we can be our own harshest critics but it’s important to remain patient and not expect instant results from any changes we implement.  Bear in mind that you’re setting yourself up for the whole of 2017 and not just January!

Gemma Rolstone

Gemma Rolstone

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