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It’s the time of year when we all like to make resolutions for the next twelve months, despite the fact that research suggests fewer than 5% of us will stick to them.  But if you’re determined to set yourself up for success in 2017, our 7 tips can help make the difference.

Review the past year

Assess your goals for 2016 and carry out an honest appraisal.  Where did you have success and where did you fall short?  Celebrate the things that went well and identify where you could have done things differently for any areas that went less well.  Ask yourself whether your goals were truly SMART oriented – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.  Use this model to craft your goals for 2017.  Keep them focused, aligned to your business or career plan and make sure they instil you with a passion to succeed.  Make sure you also put in place a system for regularly reviewing your goals throughout the year.  A monthly check is a good starting point.

Identify quiet periods and schedule time in to focus on planning and all of the ‘non-operational’ activities during this time, rather than trying to juggle working in and on your business all of the time.


The festive season tends to be packed with parties and social gatherings and you may have made some interesting new contacts whilst renewing old acquaintances.  Take the time to reconnect with people and find out how their holidays went.  Wish them a happy new year and suggest meeting for a coffee at some point.  Networks and relationships can bring powerful success – linking them up with partners, referrers, new customers and suppliers.  It definitely pays to reconnect and invest in those relationships.

Look around you

Sometimes as busy entrepreneurs and professionals it can be very easy to gain tunnel vision and fail to see opportunities that are all around us.  Commit to making this the year that you keep an open mind about new directions, projects and people – you never know where they might lead you!

Think about holidays!

It’s all too easy to get burned out when you run your own business.  So commit to taking proper holidays this year and make sure they are real holidays!  Complete all necessary activities before you go away, delegate them to a member of your team or outsource.

If you do need to check in on things, limit the time you will spend doing this.  For example give yourself a one hour window per day to check emails, voicemails etc., rather than checking in several times a day.

Consider a coach

Individuals experience a real spike in motivation, focus and overall success when they invest in business coaching.  A mentor or coach can help you to set new goals, challenge you, offer vital support and generally encourage you to face the things that hold you back; whether that be a lack of confidence or insufficient clarity about your business strategy.  This type of coaching can be carried out face to face, via telephone or via Skype (or alternative). At Delphinium Business Coaching we offer coaching for individuals, groups and teams.


If you’ve over-indulged at Christmas, take some time to recharge and recuperate.  Detox, go to a spa, meditate, reflect on what you love about your business.  Whatever it takes to help you feel fresh once again, this is the time to do it!

Invest in your skills

Whether your sticking point is time management, financial accounting, marketing or professional communications, make this the year that you invest in your skills and take up new training.  Find yourself a course and broaden your knowledge base.  New skills will help you to feel more competent, increase your confidence and abilities and help you to carry out business in a more adept way.  Our range of workshops are highly interactive and focus on real life examples to develop your personal, interpersonal, presentation and leadership skills.

Gemma Rolstone

Gemma Rolstone

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