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Helped me to set realistic goals over an achievable time frame

Gemma’s coaching sessions have been of fantastic use to me in regards to helping me begin my own business. For a long time now, I have been aspiring to launch my own company within the fitness industry, but have always inevitably postponed my goals for more immediate issues, giving them the proverbial backseat when it comes to my prioritisation.

However, since working with Gemma, I have taken my idea and turned it into a reality.

Gemma’s sessions helped me to set realistic goals over an achievable time frame, so that every time we met up (once per fortnight), I was able to have fulfilled these targets, and thus progressed further towards my overall goals of launching my own business.

Gemma has fantastic people skills, which helped me maintain my professional relationship with her, and if I ever had any questions I only needed to ask and she would respond almost immediately. She helped fine tune my goals from being a tsunami of ideas to being a steady flow of progression which continued throughout our time together.

Her advice and coaching in regards to starting up my business, in addition to her networking contacts and experience, were all tools which were of the utmost value to me as a client.

Working with Gemma has been a pleasure, and as a result of the aforementioned reasons, I would definitely recommend Gemma Rolstone, and her company Delphinium to anyone aspiring to start their own business; anyone who already has their own business and is struggling to find success or focus, and/or anyone who has experience in business but wishes to have a new, fresh lease of life injected into their business projects.