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It has been so successful

I asked Gemma to supply a disc profile for me as I was looking to improve my performance in building referral partnerships. I was so impressed by the way that Gemma spent so much time going through my report with me that I decided to have them done for the whole team in order to help them understand each other better and in turn collaborate better as a team.

The exercise went so well that I asked Gemma to facilitate a team day to expand upon this which she did.

What Gemma delivers can be described as intangible but the results certainly are not, my whole team are not only working together better than they have before but they are all very interested in driving the business forward and are proactively making suggestions as to how they can help.

To describe the change as a transformation does not overstate the impact it is having within our workplace.

It has been so successful that we have decided that the team want to work with Gemma on a regular basis and will be asking her to run similar sessions every 6 months.