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My profitably is up by 25% over the last couple of months

I met Gemma after moving to Cheadle Hulme. I’ve been in the area about three months.

I gave up my job in Lincolnshire moved here without a job, without knowledge of the local area, and without knowing anybody.

Being the kind of person I am, I wanted to start developing links and start doing business in a manner that I’ve always been accustomed to. My thoughts were about doing various things and moreover I had recently started a new contract for my everyday work, arranging mortgages.

I decided to work with Gemma because I had so many different ideas going on at the same time and was making no headway with any of them. Gemma took the time to listen to everything that I wanted to do, she asked me to prioritise and then she asked me to set some goals.

Gemma not only brought focus to my mind but she also encouraged me to do better in a role that I’ve been doing for many years, my profitably business is up by 25% over the last couple of months and I’m more focused than ever on what I need to do.

I hope to be able to continue working with Gemma because there are many things that I want to be able to do going forward. I do recommend the services of Gemma to anybody in business, she is a great coach for anybody that wants to be coached.