Feeling low is something we all go through at some point in our lives, especially at this time of the year with the dark nights, cold, wet and windy weather.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed at work, less tolerant of other’s opinions, heavy and demotivated.  When you’re in business, the blues can directly impact your productivity and your abilities to lead and achieve.  Here are 7 ways to beat the blues and get yourself back on track.

1. Learn the art of delegation

Burnout can physically and mentally impact on your ability to do your job, making you incapable of being productive or achieving your goals.  The answer to being a healthy and effective leader is delegation.  Learn to let go of the micromanagement and trust your team to achieve results.  If you’ve been struggling with a task, then sharing the responsibility will take the weight off your shoulders.  If you do not have a team of people to whom you can delegate, or they are already overloaded, look at outsourcing some of the work.

2. Get active

The mental and physical benefits of exercise are well known and just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day can have profound effects on your health and wellbeing.  Try running, which releases endorphins for the so-called ‘runner’s high’, or rhythmic aerobic exercises like a spin class for a calming effect.  Regular exercise plays a part not just in improving general fitness, but in mood alteration.  Don’t let the weather be an excuse: if you can’t get outdoors, put on some music and dance, pop down to the gym or down to a trampoline park. At Delphinium Business Coaching we have discovered the delight of trampoline fitness at places like Oxygen and Jump Nation.

3. Build a strong support team

Creating a strong support team is hands down the most effective way you can delegate effectively, stay positive and be productive.  At the heart of that team you need a coach who will create the supportive environment that helps you learn, reflect and grow.  They will also challenge you and hold you accountable where appropriate.

4. Harness the power of meditation and reflection

Taking time to reflect on your work practice in a meaningful way is a crucial tool in building positive relationships with your team.  It’s a powerful mood enhancer too, so try and carve out not just opportunities for reflection during the week, but also time that you dedicate just to yourself to refuel and rejuvenate and kick that low mood.

5. Understand and embrace difference

When we’re feeling blue, it’s easy to become less tolerant of others’ opinions and differences.  That lack of understanding can become a real problem, generating tension and poor communication that doesn’t get the job done. DISC personality profiling is an objective and descriptive tool that is designed to allow you to understand yourself and the people you work with using a positive, ‘wellness’ approach.  Understanding yourself and your colleagues, your strengths and blind spots, is empowering and will help you to create more effective and productive working relationships.

6. Changing your mind set

Think like a professional athlete.  Sir Mo Farah attributes 90% of his gold medal winning success to his positive mental attitude, and it’s something you can harness for success and personal and business growth.  Positively changing your mindset results in new actions and new results – it’s about turning threats into opportunities.  A good coach can help you identify ways you want to change and work with you to develop the mind set you need to achieve your goals.

7. Just do it!

Don’t let the blues hold you back from making the best of a business opportunity.  Sometimes the best way to feel positive and empowered is simply to take action and seize the chances that life presents you.  If you need the extra support to kick the blues and develop and grow as a leader, we can help you increase your motivation, reignite your passion and clear away the mind chatter that stops you being powerful and positive. Contact Delphinium Business Coaching today and book your free initial consultation.

Gemma Rolstone

Gemma Rolstone

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