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Here's what our clients have to say about our services...

Executive Coaching

“Gemma not only brought focus to my mind, but she also encouraged me to do better in a role that I’ve been doing for many years, my business profitability is up by 25% over the last couple of months, and I’m more focused than ever on what I need to do.

I hope to be able to continue working with Gemma because there are many things that I want to be able to do going forward.

I recommend Gemma’s services to anybody in business, and she is a great coach for anybody who wants to be coached.”

Alun Cooper, Mortgage Advisor

Executive Coaching

“I would like to express my complete gratitude and appreciation for everything Gemma has done and taught me. Her expertise, patience and ‘can do’ approach has given me the confidence and belief to really push myself and drive my business forward.

Not only has she opened my eyes and provided sound advice and guidance, but she has also set realistic expectations, meaning I can prepare and overcome the inevitable obstacles and challenges of running my own business at my own pace.

Her patience, knowledge and ability to coach constructively are second to none, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to set up or progress their own business. Thank you Gemma.”

Emma McDaid, Business Owner

Executive Coaching

“Gemma is an exceptional coach. She is very professional, committed and focused. She made me feel very relaxed and at ease.

While she pushed me to do more sooner than I would have done on my own, her style was gentle but powerful. I never felt that I was pushed too hard. I always felt very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals.

She has fantastic listening skills that get to the heart of the issue and helps you move forward quickly. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.”

Stacey, Retail Manager

DISC Personality Profiling and Team Building

“I asked Gemma to supply a disc profile for me as I was looking to improve my performance in building referral partnerships. I was so impressed by the way that Gemma spent so much time going through my report with me that I decided to have them done for the whole team in order to help them understand each other better and, in turn collaborate better as a team. The exercise went so well that I asked Gemma to facilitate a team day to expand upon this which she did.

What Gemma delivers can be described as intangible but the results certainly are not, my whole team are not only working together better than they have before but they are all very interested in driving the business forward and are proactively making suggestions as to how they can help. To describe the change as a transformation does not overstate the impact it is having within our workplace.

It has been so successful that we have decided that the team want to work with Gemma on a regular basis and will be asking her to run similar sessions every 6 months.”

Andrew Rosamond, Director at CARA Technology

Training Design

“Online training is a key growth area for CSRB, allowing us to knowledge share about the often-complex world of information governance and UK privacy legislation, including the UK GDPR. CSRB has the certifications, knowledge, and passion for the subject matter, but we are not experts in putting training courses together.
I needed to engage a specialist with in-depth knowledge of having delivered learning and training programmes for B2B corporate clients. They also needed to take me back to school in a way and enhance my learning around the differences between delivering training in person v online for example. Gemma, I knew, after our initial meeting was going to be the trusted partner CSRB needed.

Delphinium being an ILM-approved business and Gemma being a practitioner was vital in the engagement process. Our trusted partner had to understand our client base and give expert advice on what is the best way to deliver the training. Gemma provided and continues to provide expert advice around bringing what can be seen as a relatively dry topic (data protection) to life through interactive delegate-based activities.

We are already receiving outstanding feedback from our clients on a recently launched UK GDPR Refresher online training course, which is the only endorsement I need. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gemma and the team at Delphinium.”

Chris Burn, Founder at CRSB Limited

Leadership Away Day

“Today has been so interesting and valuable, particularly discovering and understanding the difference between leadership and management, and also the different leadership styles. I feel really positive moving forward and am excited for the next chapter.”

Sarah Smith, Head of Acting at Take Part

Middle Manager Accelerator

“I can’t recommend this course enough. It’s opened my eyes up to what it takes to be a great leader and how you can help your team to get the best out of themselves and ultimately have a productive team that benefits the business or out, so thank you, Gemma.”

Madeline Prusmann, Lead Project Manager at Peak Translations

Time Management Training

“Thank you so much for the time management workshop. I keep telling myself that I should not work such long hours and delegate more to my team, but it is hard to do with our busy schedule. It was good to look at it from the perspective of not giving my team the opportunity to gain experiences the less I delegate.”

Workshop Attendee – Time Management

Executive Coaching

“Just a note to say thank you for your ongoing help, support and professionalism from you and your business.

 When we first met, I was in a situation where I felt lost with a vision and had previously got “too big too quick” I had lost faith and vision as to where my business was going, and my main concern was if I had no vision then how can I expect my employees to have a vision installed into them.

One year down the line and I have achieved a long-term vision, short term visions and clarity in the sense of direction for me, my business and for my employees.

So, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for all your help and support and probably most important your patience with me. Thank You.

I’m sure you are aware I have recommended you to some of my clients’ businesses already, I would not hesitate or question your professionalism or have any doubt you and your business are a referable to the highest of quality.

I look forward to the next coaching session and continue working with you in the future.  

Many Thanks again.”

Christopher Kelly, Owner at Groundcover Plus

Executive Coaching

“Gemma is an excellent coach and since our first meeting. she’s really made me rethink my goals at a personal level as well as professionally.

We began regular coaching sessions at a time when I have been let go and was in the process of pivoting my marketing career into a completely new role. Each session has been a stepping stone in the right direction, helping me build confidence, train my focus and ultimately, providing lots of positive reinforcement.

All of it combined with applicable frameworks and tools to identify the changes I needed to make in order to transform myself and develop new skill set all at a time when I felt most vulnerable.

I can honestly Gemma’s coaching approach and methodology is unique and would benefit anyone who’s willing to make the change be that an individual, a team or even an entire business.”

Maja Sanchez, Ops Manager at AppLearn

Time Management Training

“The time management training workshop was great, especially when it came to planning my day. I am often over-committing and not meeting deadlines.

Gemma’s recommendation of time recording regular activities so I know how long they take and can plan properly, rather than guessing. I will also start including some buffer time in between tasks in case a task takes longer, or something unexpected comes up.”

Time Management Training Attendee

Executive Coaching

“When we think of personal coaching, we often envisage a process that is exclusively used by high-flying professionals and entrepreneurs. However, we all need guidance and support to become the best and happiest versions of ourselves.

With that in mind, the coaching process exceeded my expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend Gemma and Delphinium Coaching to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.”

Heather-Anne Bailey Employment Law Solicitor

DISC Personality Profiling

“I engaged Gemma for her service of DISC personality profiling. Gemma was efficient and professional throughout. After returning the completed questionnaire back to Gemma, I received a full copy of the report to review and a convenient time was arranged to go through the report together where Gemma gave some great and informative feedback.

Whilst the profiling highlighted areas in which I was already aware of and was expecting to see, it also brought to light some areas for me to concentrate on to develop and improve.

The DISC assessment would be a great tool to use for anyone in senior roles or overseeing other members of staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Gemma to clients and contacts.”

Dale Swift, Accountant at Afford Bond

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