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Meet our Managing Director

Gemma Rolstone

Gemma lives in North Manchester, UK, with our Director of Happiness.
She began her professional career as a lawyer, but after a restructuring at her law firm in 2007, she was successful in securing a management position. Over the next several years as well as managing teams and departments, Gemma became involved in training and developing staff and employee engagement projects. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for developing and supporting others to improve personal and team performance and employee engagement.

When Gemma isn’t solving leadership and management problems worldwide, she’s either travelling around it, at the theatre, hiking or paddle boarding, or just lying on the sofa with Toulouse.

Meet the Team


Director of Happiness


Executive Marketing Assistant

Delphinium’s Mission and Values

Delphinium’s mission is to support businesses in achieving their ultimate ambitions. We do this by providing high quality, cost-effective learning and development solutions, executive coaching and team building services, designed to help your workforce reach its full potential and improve business performance overall.

Embrace Diversity

Everyone is different, with their own experiences and strengths. We work closely with our clients to help executives and their employees realise and appreciate how individuals’ differences create cohesive and high-performing teams.

Open & Honest

Being open and honest lays the foundations of a lasting relationship. We believe that the more you communicate with clarity, are open to receiving and providing constructive feedback, the more likely you are to generate quality solutions to the challenges you face.


Delphinium was founded from an intense passion for helping individuals and organisations fulfil their maximum potential. Passion is what drives us, and we look to inspire that same passion in our clients.


We believe in keeping things simple. We don’t over-complicate or overthink. The best ways forward are often the most straightforward. At Delphinium we take a direct, knowledge-driven approach to achieving results.

Continuous Improvement

We seek to learn and develop at every opportunity, constantly embracing and driving change. We want to be the best, continually seeking feedback in order to improve our services and offer top quality to our clients.

A fresh approach to learning and development

Delphinium’s team of dedicated professionals have years of specialist experience in building high performing teams. Our expert trainers, coaches and consultants all have ‘real business’ experience and a demonstrated history of achieving results.


We’ll recommend what we feel is right for you even if that’s not us.


Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees.


We work in partnership with you to provide the best solutions for your staff.

ILM Approved Centre

We are accredited to deliver ILM qualifications in Leadership and Management.

Guaranteed Results

All of our specialist training programmes come with a money-back guarantee.

Full Service

We can provide one off interventions or provide the full support of a learning and development department.