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ADHD Travel Hacks, Unconscious Bias & Motivation

4th April 2023

Hello From Mexico!

As my vacation draws to a close, I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to return home. I’ve spent my time here soaking up the sun and enjoying a perfect balance of relaxation and fun activities. It’s been a wonderful getaway, and I only wish I could pack the sunshine in my suitcase! ☀️

Before I leave, I have to share my latest discovery – blended mojitos, my new favourite cocktail!

Although I’ll only have one working day before the Easter break, I’m looking forward to getting organised before the hustle and bustle begins again. For those of you with a four-day week, enjoy your well-deserved break.

Wishing you a happy Easter break and looking forward to catching up with you soon!

Article of the Week: Over 500,000 employees feel lonely

People Management magazine recently shared details of a study, which showed that half of the employees surveyed reported feeling lonely at work, with a third saying that their loneliness has worsened since the start of the pandemic. The study by insurance company Aviva found that remote workers were more likely to feel isolated, with 60% of those working from home experiencing loneliness.

The research highlights the importance of organisations taking steps to address social isolation and promoting employee well-being, including offering opportunities for social interaction and support, regular check-ins, and mental health resources. The study also suggests that fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity can help reduce loneliness in the workplace.

#TopTip: Boost motivation by recognising and celebrating achievements

Motivating your team is all about recognising their achievements and celebrating their successes. Create a recognition programme that acknowledges exceptional performance, teamwork, and contributions. This will help to motivate your team members and create a culture of appreciation.
Actionable Tip: Create a simple recognition programme, such as a “shout-out” board or an email newsletter highlighting achievements.

Lovely Listen: Hacking Your ADHD - Travelling and Invisible Disabilities with Dawn Barclay

In this episode, the podcast interviews Dawn Barclay about her book, Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible and Neurodiverse. During the interview, Dawn shares valuable insights on how to prepare for travel when you or your children are neurodiverse, providing practical tips and strategies for a smoother journey.

Whether you’re looking to reduce anxiety, manage sensory overload, or simply make travel more enjoyable, this episode is packed with useful advice for anyone dealing with invisible disabilities. Tune in to learn more!

Incredible Clients

Unconscious bias, although we may not realise it, it affects each and every one of us. Learning to recognise unconscious bias in ourselves and others can help us minimise the knock-on effect it has on decisions.

Here’s a lovely review I had from a client after completing some training on unconscious bias:

“Really insightful course on how common unconscious bias is. It’s given me lots to think about and lots of great tips.” – Marketing Director.

It’s been a pleasure sharing this week’s insights and recommendations. I do hope you found them of value.
And remember, if there’s anything else you’d like to see in our Tuesday’s Top Picks, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Gemma 💜

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