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We've Been Busy Bees at Delphinium

18th April 2023

Your Weekly Picks


Hello and welcome.

I’d love to hear how you’re finding these emails, and if you have any feedback, it’s always appreciated. 💜It’s been a busy month so far at Delphinium, we’ve been working on our link tower page and now have it published on our website; go ahead and have a nosey at it.As well as that, we have been planning the content and marketing for our webinar coming up in May, Fostering Psychological Safety in the Workplace.Sound like something you’d like to learn more about to create a safe and supportive work environment? Sign up and secure your place!

Fact Sheet Alert : Tribunal Compensation Limits 2023/24

Here’s some new information you won’t want to miss as an employer or people manager.EML has put together a great factsheet of tribunal compensation limits to keep on hand to remind you of the new tribunal limits.The new limits came into effect on the 1st April 2023, increasing the maximum amount employees can be awarded in various situations such as unlawful exclusion or unfair dismissal.

#TopTip: Ensure clarity with regular performance reviews

Regular performance reviews are critical to your team’s success as they enable you to set clear expectations and provide and seek regular feedback. Ensuring your team understands their job’s goals, expectations, and evaluation criteria will help them perform their best and clearly know what they need to improve.
Actionable tip: Provide job descriptions, performance standards and relevant reports for each team member and discuss them during the review. They work as a helpful reminder as well as helping you keep on track and remain objective during the review.

Recommended Resource: Feeling Tongue Tied?

One of the most difficult aspects of being a leader is having uncomfortable and sometimes difficult conversations.It’s essential that we train our leaders to be empathetic with their staff so they can maintain the trust and strong relationships they have with others.This free downloadable PDF is the perfect cheat sheet to help leaders with what to say to ensure they’re being empathetic and demonstrating it.

Story Time: Change...

Fortunately, or unfortunately…As I’m sure you know, change is inevitable.Clients often say they’re waiting for the “perfect time” to invest in their leaders’ development. However, with workplace situations as ever-changing, as they are, you may be waiting forever.Our flexible and adaptable programmes ensure that your leaders have the skills they need to succeed, no matter what the future holds.Get in touch today to start your managers on their executive coaching journey.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of leadership, emotional intelligence, and productivity. I hope you continue to find value in Tuesday’s Top Picks, and we can’t wait to share more with you next week.

Kind regards,

Gemma 💜

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