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14th March 2023

Your top picks for the week have arrived!



I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday and are ready to dive into this week’s top picks.This week (13th – 19th March) is Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and being from a family of neurodivergents, it’s a celebration that’s close to my heart.It’s fantastic to see the discussion around neurological differences opened up and more people receiving diagnoses and getting the support they need.When I’m training and coaching managers, it’s great to see so many being mindful of different working preferences their staff may have and wanting to provide as much support as possible, as well as seeing their teams thrive as they adapt their style and help their people reach their full potential. This inspired me to write this week’s article, which I’ll get onto in a moment.It’s also Mother’s Day at the end of this week, and we are always mindful that while it’s a celebration for many, it can also be a sorrowful time for others.Fortunately, I still have my mum with me, but someone else no longer is. We would celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum and grandma all throughout my childhood. Although my grandma passed in recent years, I still like to think of her on this day, which I do by raising a glass of her favourite tipple – a gin and tonic..So, to all the fantastic mums and grandmas past, present and future! ❤️

Article of the Week: Understanding Neurodiversity Conditions and Their Impact

Don’t miss out on maximising the potential of what is likely to be 1 in 5 of your employees…Discover some of the most common neurodiversity conditions and their impact. Learn about the ways that you can increase neurodiversity awareness to better support and leverage the strengths of your neurodiverse workforce.

#TopTip: Find out who’s best for the role – not who puts on a good show during an interview

Many recruitment processes are designed for ‘neurotypicals’ and place unnecessary pressure on candidates. If you want to discover who’s best for the job, review and adapt your recruitment processes to give everyone the best chance to showcase what they can offer your business. For example, provide candidates with copies of the interview questions in advance.

Lovely Listen: No Such Thing as a Fish Podcast

If you’re a fan of the game show QI, you’ll love this.This week I’m sharing a fantastic podcast, ‘No Such Thing as A Fish’, put together by researchers from the programme QI. The podcast provides fascinating facts and some fascinating discussions between the presenters.I wanted to highlight this as it reminds me of the importance of keeping our brains active. Our brain is like a muscle that needs puzzles, quizzes and new information to keep it functioning well.Take a listen this week and keep your brain learning

Incredible Clients

Are you a middle manager who wants to take your career to the next level?If so, our Middle Manager Accelerator is for you.The programme provides the tools and techniques to develop your emotional intelligence, leadership, and management skills to enable you to lead more effectively and with significant impact.I received a lovely review from a Middle Manager Accelerator delegate, Sarah.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Being on this course and learning about myself over the last few months has been invaluable. To gain all this knowledge, to be coached, share experiences, and be able to revisit all of this on the MMA forum is invaluable.”

That’s all for now. Here’s to another week of growth, development, and progress. Remember, leadership isn’t about being perfect. It’s about continually improving. Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,

Gemma 💜

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