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Delphinium - Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Great managers who also lead well are the key to creating a positive culture and crafting a shared vision while improving performance, engagement and retention. Research continually shows that employees are much more likely to leave an organisation if they are unhappy with their manager, regardless of their feelings towards the organisation as a whole. Therefore, great managers who are also influential leaders, are critical to the long terms success of an organisation. 

We specialise in developing managers at all levels to not only perform to the best of their ability in their current role but also to be ready to step into that next leadership role when the time comes.

Leadership &
Management Training

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ILM Qualifications

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Leadership Coaching Programmes

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Leadership Development Programmes

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Delphinium - High Performing Teams

Developing High Performing Teams

High performing teams are self-motivated, self-disciplined and work together toward a shared set of goals.

As individuals of high performing teams have a solid and deep trust for one another, they challenge and push each other to do better, take responsibility for themselves, their team and their objectives.

We specialise in working with leaders of all levels to develop their employees and create high performing teams.

Team Coaching

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Team Development

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Away Day Facilitation

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Team Building Retreats

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Delphinium - Personal Development

Professional Development

Passionate employees are committed to continually improving their own performance as well as that of the organisation as a whole. They work relentlessly towards their goals, are resilient, steadfast and loyal to the organisation.

You may have employees who have great potential, but they are struggling to meet performance targets. Alternatively, they may be doing well but require additional support to help them to leverage themselves to the next level.

We specialise in developing individuals to excel in their current role and to help them prepare for their next role within the organisation, ensuring that you have a clear pipeline of talent developing along with your business.

Training Programmes

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Personal Development Coaching

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Performance Management

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Succession Planning

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