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Springing Forward This Week With Delphinium

21st March 2023

Tips, talks and puns to get you through the week


Welcome back!

Yesterday we marked the first official day of spring in the UK. For me, it feels less like spring and more like winter because of the bucketing rain. In fact, it’s stopped us at Delphinium from getting out walking for our 100 miles in March challenge as much as we would have liked.So we will really need to STEP it up this week (did you like my pun? 😉)The clocks will also SPRING forward at the end of the week (I’m on fire with these today!).I love waking up to brighter mornings; it makes me feel much more awake and ready to take on the day ahead.Ok, enough of my cheesy puns for now. Here are another jam-packed top picks from me to you.

Article of the Week: Five healthy habits to safeguard against burnout

Burnout…It’s a topic often brought up in the workplace. As leaders, it’s essential to encourage and strive for habits that prevent burnout in ourselves and others.Last week, I came across this article and loved how People Management Magazine talks about a ‘digital diet’.I may even have to borrow the terms when encouraging people to examine the time they attached to technology and how they ensure they switch off now and again.

#TopTip: Don’t be too quick to judge!

Avoid jumping to conclusions if something goes wrong or a team member makes a mistake.While quick decisions can be beneficial, they can often be fuelled by our unconscious biases.Take the take to investigate the matter and ask the right questions before acting. And, if appropriate, seek advice or a second opinion from a trusted colleague.

Today's TED Talk

“The unexpected advantages of having to deal with a little mess.” What a great quote!In this insightful Ted Talk from Tim Harford on ‘How frustration can make us more creative.’, he shared examples of how frustrations and challenges have led to the best-selling piano album in history, increased learning and unexpected success. Watch the TED Talk here.

"We have very little time for extensive training; it takes too much time."

Make finding the time for training easier with our flexible delivery options.

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In addition to being flexible, our training programs offer practical tools that your staff can implement immediately, resulting in an immediate and significant return on investment.

Find out more about our flexible delivery options today!

I’m so grateful for your support and for being a part of the Tuesday’s Top Picks community.Here’s to another week of growth, learning, and success.

Have a good one!

Kind regards,

Gemma 💜

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