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We all know we should take some time out from our busy lives, but how do you find time to take time out?!

Here are 5 simple ways to ensure you’re doing the best for your physical and mental health and therefore, the best for your business.

1. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! A 15-minute walk before or after work can get your endorphins going and increase your happiness. It’s all in the mind. So, think of that 15 minutes before, during or after the hectic work day as a treat.

It is an excellent opportunity to unwind, enjoy the outdoors and simply engage in activities that make you happy. I find that it’s during exercising that I get some of my most creative ideas!


2. Think Gratitude

Reminding ourselves of all the things we’re grateful for is something that we easily forget to do, especially if we are having a stressful day. Think about all the things you’re happy to have in your life. It may sound silly but with our busy work lives it can be easy to get caught up in a work, work, work mindset, we’ve all got things we’re thankful for so remind yourself!

You can do this during your 15-minute walk (kill 2 birds with 1 stone!)? Alternatively, take a few minutes while you are laid in bed at night, before you go to sleep, to think of a few things you are grateful for. Thinking of 2 or 3 new things each day will help you realise just how many wonderful things you have to be thankful for.


3. Sleep more

Not enough sleep can make you more vulnerable to negative emotions. This means you attract negative thoughts! Give yourself an hour of ‘wind down’ time before going to sleep, turn all the screens off, as the lights from screens decrease the flow of melatonin in the brain, making it more challenging to get to sleep. Find a good book and get the lighting as low as comfortably possible and allow yourself to drift off and think of the happy day you will have tomorrow.

Regular exercise can help you to get to sleep quicker and deepen your sleep. A deeper sleep improves your sleep quality, which is especially important if you are only able to get a few hours. However, don’t exercise too close to bedtime, as you will be too energised to sleep.

4. Spend time with friends and family

Life goes by so fast when you’re working hard. Sadly, it is sometimes easy for months to pass by and you don’t realise it.  So don’t miss out on precious time with friends and family, credit yourself a little time to spend with your loved ones and it will help you stay positive and therefore, happier at work.

A great way to do this is to make sure you are scheduling regular events with friends and family. How about arranging to attend a local exercise class or learn a new skill. I’m currently arranging golf lessons with a friend to ensure we catch up regularly.

5. ‘If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out’ Levon Healm

Music has a great influence on helping to produce a happy and healthy mind. The type of music you listen to can influence your mood and therefore, your productivity. So stick some happy summer tunes on to create an upbeat mood, and give yourself 5 minutes to just enjoy it!


Author: Gemma Rolstone | Published 16th June 2016.