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Alexa, Performance Management and Delegation

11th April 2023

Alexa: “Showing You Delphinium’s TTP…”



I hope you had a wonderful Easter break.As you know, I spent the week before Easter in Mexico sightseeing and relaxing in the sunshine. Now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to face the new financial year head-on.As we’ve started the new financial year, Amy and I are putting our heads together and getting plans in place for some exciting projects – all to be revealed soon.

Article of the Week: Performance Management: Beyond the Annual Process.

Are you tired of the same old annual review process?Do you want to take your company’s performance management strategy to the next level?Then check out our latest article, Performance Management: Going Beyond the Annual Review containing valuable insights on how to implement a more effective performance management strategy.Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your approach to employee performance and drive business growth. Click the button below to read now and take the first step towards improving your performance management strategy.

#TopTip: Delegate tasks effectively by matching tasks with skills

Delegating tasks can be challenging, but maximising your team’s productivity is essential. Match tasks with skills by assigning responsibilities to team members based on their strengths, interests, and experience. This will not only increase their motivation but also improve the quality of work.
Actionable tip: List your team members’ strengths and activities that energise them and match them with tasks on your to-do list.

Amazing App: Alexa

The reason I’m recommending the Alexa app today is it has dramatically improved the quality of my sleep.I’ve created a bedtime routine that when I say, “Alexa, goodnight.” the bedroom lights are switched off and it plays the sound of waves crashing against the shore. I’m asleep within minutes and have a much better quality nights sleep than if I don’t use it.Give it a try and set up a bedtime routine with your favourite ‘sleep sound’.

Middle Manager Accelerator

Are you someone who wants to develop your emotional intelligence and leadership and management skills?If so, the Middle Manager Accelerator is just what you need to give you a boost to lead more effectively and with significant impact.The course will help you develop yourself and build stronger relationships with your team, colleagues and customers for greater success.And the best news? Our next live cohort is coming up soon.You can find more details of the MMA programme here, or email me for further information.

‘Til next week, keep putting your best foot forward and never stop striving for greatness. Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself and keep pushing forward. You know you can do it!

Kind regards,

Gemma 💜

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