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The Benefits of DISC Personality Profiling

By 9th March 2017November 1st, 2021Personal development

Would you like to understand yourself, colleagues, friends and family in a profound way? Would you like to recruit more effectively and build a stronger and more productive team? Would you like to have an increased self-awareness of your leadership and communication skills? Would you like to minimise or prevent conflict, become a better communicator and influence others positively?

DISC personality profiling is an easy, effective and non-judgemental way to do assist you in all of these areas.

By understanding an individual’s communication style, decision making style and what motivates them, you’ll develop unique and practical insights into their working style.  It will enable you to hire and develop the best talent out there, build effective relationships and build great teams.

DISC Personality Profiling for recruitment

DISC is widely used as a recruitment tool.  People perform better in roles for which they’re naturally a good fit, and DISC personality profiling is a complementary tool for assessing job suitability.

By understanding a candidate’s personality style, you can highlight those candidates who closely match the requirements of the job and can be integrated into the existing team with ease.

It is also important to be aware of the personality styles of the existing team members to see where there are gaps.  You can then look for those missing traits in a candidate to create a well-rounded and highly effective team.  An example of this would be an existing team who are great at looking at the bigger picture and driving projects forward, however, they lack attention to detail.  An ideal candidate to join the team, as well as having the necessary qualifications and experience, would be an individual who is detail orientated to help balance the team.

Manage more effectively

A good manager should be approachable, have strong communication skills, be an active listener and be able to motivate their team to achieve business goals.  DISC personality profiling identifies ideas of growth in your leadership style.  Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses as a manager can be the key to understanding how to better manage and motivate yourself and your team.

Understanding the personality styles of your team enables you to adapt your management style to each individual thereby improving communication, your ability to influence them positively, decrease conflict and create group based strategies for success.

It also enables you to gather unique insights for the purposes of continued personal development.

Build better relationships

Understanding your own DISC personality profile, and that of other people within your team, helps you to build more constructive relationships across the board.  This applies to both managers and all team members where results are shared between the team.

Being aware of how you can adapt your behaviour, communication or management style to another individual’s DISC style will improve your relationship with that individual.

It also creates a clear framework in which everyone understands how their individual strengths contribute to the success of the team.  You’ll also empower your team to be flexible and adaptable in their styles to successfully manage their own workplace behaviours.

Resolve conflict

No one enjoys being involved in conflicts at work.  They affect morale, productivity and the smooth performance of your team.  The good news is that DISC personality profiling can help you identify potential areas of tension before they boil over into full blown conflict.

DISC is also an excellent way to become more understanding and appreciative of different styles within a team, which naturally reduces the potential for conflict.

By understanding how you present yourself to others, how others wish to be treated and the motivation behind their behaviour, you’ll have the tools to defuse a difficult situation and develop a successful conflict resolution strategy.

If you’re interested in understanding the ways DISC personality profiling can benefit you and your organisation contact Delphinium to discuss your requirements.