Middle Manager Accelerator

Next Public Cohort: 16th September 2024


It's fantastic to see you're ready to supercharge your leadership journey – and we understand why!

The average salary for middle managers in the UK is £55,377 per year, yet when it comes to senior leadership, the average salary is £86,364 per year.

With the potential of a £30,000+ salary increase, it’s easy to see why middle managers are happy to make a small investment of £1,497 to accelerate their careers.

Our next public cohort of the Middle Manager Accelerator takes off on 16th September 2024, and with just 12 spots up for grabs, they’re filling up fast!

Want in? Act now to secure your place and join an elite group of middle managers elevating their leadership careers.

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“I can’t recommend this course enough. It’s opened my eyes up to what it takes to be a great leader and how you can help your team to get the best out of themselves and ultimately have a productive team that benefits the business or out, so thank you, Gemma.” - Madeline Prusmann, Lead Project Manager at Peak Translations.

“The Middle Manager Accelerator helped me to become a more effective leader and achieve my career goals.” - Manufacturing Manager.

“I would highly recommend the course. It provides valuable insights and tools to develop as a manager and enables effective team leadership, the course content is engaging and presented well, and the approach to the course is well organised and delivered superbly.” - Simon Rogers, IT Support Manager at dock10.

“The Middle Manager Accelerator helped me to think strategically, communicate more effectively and build more productive teams.” - Law Firm Team Leader.